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ŞENER law firm’ was established in 1981. Together with its lawyers, assisting staff and international colleagues & partners the firm provides services in the several fields of national and international law along with its dynamic team and competent advisors within the framework of academic expertise and professional experience in the many fields of law. The office has incorporated efficient and solution oriented strategies in its daily practice. Furthermore, professional services and research in the fields of expropriation, family law practice, the law on cooperative societies, landlord-tenant law & real estate, bankruptcy & foreclosure law and business & company law is conducted.

ŞENER law firm is a multidisciplinary law firm, which also provides consultancy services for foreign companies who want to establish in Turkey or want to engage in business with Turkish firms. Along with several in-house sworn translators & interpreters services are provided multilingually.


MEHMET YILDIZ ŞENER was born in 1958 in Kayseri, Turkey. After his graduation from ‘Ankara University faculty of law’ in 1980, he established ‘ŞENER law firm’ in 1981. MEHMET YILDIZ ŞENER is specialized in the fields of private law, criminal law, the law on cooperative societies, intellectual property law, business & company law, banking law and financial lease contracts.

Telephone: +90 (0) 352 231 01 28
GSM: +90 (0) 532 281 3642
E mail: av.mysener@senerhukuk.net

Associate Lawyer CAN ŞENER
CAN ŞENER was born in 1987 in Kayseri, Turkey. After his graduation from ‘Çağ University faculty of law’ in 2013, he joined ‘ŞENER law firm’ in 2014. CAN ŞENER is specialized in the fields of private law, criminal law, the law on cooperative societies, family law, bankruptcy and foreclosure law, landlord-tenant law and business & company law. Furthermore, he continues his master’s degree education in private law at ‘Erciyes University’.

Telephone : +90 (0) 352 231 01 28
GSM: +90 (0) 535 511 8292
E mail: av.csener@senerhukuk.net

Legal Consultant DILARA ŞENER
DILARA ŞENER was born in 1993 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. After obtaining her LLB degree from ‘Nijmegen Radboud University’ in the fields of Dutch law, European Union law and international law in 2014; she started her LLM master’s degree education in international business law at ‘Tilburg University’. In 2015 she obtained her LLM degree with a master’s thesis on the financing of mergers & acquisitions with Islamic financial products. DILARA ŞENER is specialized in the fields of international business law, Dutch law and company law.

Telephone : +90 (0) 352 231 01 28
GSM: +90 (0) 545 282 8462
E mail: llm.docalan@senerhukuk.net



Apostolova Law Partnership


“Аpostolova”Law Partnership is entered under registration № 23 as of the
Register of the Sofia Bar Association. The law firm is a leading and fast growing law practice, located in Sofia, Bulgaria and is established in 2005 and currently offering a comprehensive range of legal services to corporate and individual clients in all areas of Civil, Corporate, Real Estate, Administrative and Procedural Law.
“Аpostolova”Law Partnership is a small size, but approved lawfirm, that provides effective and helpful solutions for every type of business and cases. Develops law practice in almost all fields of Private Law with an accent on Commercial and Real estate law.

Partner, born in Svichtov, Bulgaria, graduated high school at Svichtov
(1994), and acquired LL.M degree in law at VTU “St.St Cyril and Methodi”
University (2000); LL.M degree in EU law at
“Humboldt-Universitatet”-Berlin, Germany; from 2004 up to now attorney
at law, practicing mainly in the areas of Banking law, Real Estate Law,
Commercial Law, Law of EU, Personal data protection etc.

Address: Bulgaria Sofia, 1407 19’Russalijski prohod’ Str., Office 2
Email: borislava@apostolova-lawoffice.com



Law office Kuvac

Attorney-at-law MARİN KUVAČ

Law office Kuvac provides legal representation and counseling, a full range of legal service both to domestic and foreign clients, with emphasis on real estate. The work ethic is to ensure clients an individual approach, based on  reliability, expertise and efficiency.

Attorney-at-law Marin Kuvač graduated from the Faculty of Law in Rijeka. He wrote his graduate thesis on labour and social law. After graduating, he registered with the Croatian Bar Association and started working in a Law Office. After passing the bar exam at Ministy of Justice in Zagreb under the tutorship of Mario Kuvač, a former judge at the Municipal Court in Požega, Rab, Rijeka and an experienced lawyer, he has been acquiring experience of working in every field of legal practice. However, he has specialized in the field of civil law, particularly in real estate proceedings, land registry and property relations. After senior partner Mario Kuvač retired, Marin Kuvač opened his own law office in Rijeka.

He speaks English fluently.

Address: Ulica Slaviše Vajnera Čiče 7 51000, Rijeka, Croatia
Email: info@odvjetnik-marinkuvac.hr

We also have partnerships in the following countries:

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Germany
  3. Poland
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Slovakia
  6. Macedonia
  7. Albania
  8. Romania
  9. Italy
  10. Spain
  11. Greece
  12. Morocco
  13. Philippines